Conditions of Use

General provisions

The foregoing usage terms and rules are made under Georgian legislation and constitutes the preliminarily formed terms (defined for multi usage purposes), which is defined by for its users and under which the relation between and its customers is being governed.

Sushi24ge presents the company registered in Georgia, which has the following requisites: title – JSC “Sushimania”, ID code: 405252471; legal address: 19 Crossroad of Mitskevich Street and Gamrekeli Street, Saburtalo region, Tbilisi, Georgia; Tel.: +995 322 05 05 05; Website:; E-mail:

By placing an order and buying the production from the website of you agree the foregoing terms. In order to protect the customers` interests, please, carefully read the terms.

In order to use the website, you should sign up by entering your personal data, after what you will be assigned with identified customer`s account and password. Later, you should every single time sign in (undergo an authorization) on the website whenever you have to use your account.

Service offered via the website of, in particular the delivery of food product (further referred as “the production”) located on the website via order on the address indicated by you or acquisition of another service under the foregoing usage terms and rules is being performed in return for the money amount published on the website and preliminarily defined. reserves the right - at any time change the service terms offered via the website, also the right to make changes into the foregoing usage terms and rules by publicly (and under the forms available for you) announcing the proper information (notification) on the website.


Service terms

-          The order will be done via the website;

-          In order to place an order, the customer should sign up on the website and perform an authorization into his / her account;

-          The production adjustment is being done by choosing the particular product listed on the website and putting it into the customer`s basket. The customer is also entitled to indicate whether he / she desires to use the delivery service or he / she will fetch the product from object (which locates at the following address: 24 Gagarini Street, Tbilisi) himself / herself;

-          Production delivery service is performed in Tbilisi. In case of using the mentioned service, the customer should indicate the address, where he / she wishes to get the production;

-          The customer should adjust the payment manner (cash or non-cash payment manner) under the proper rule;

-          Non-cash payment manner can be carried out via credit / debit card on the proper payment site and cash payment manner can be implemented by paying cash at the production delivery spot (paying to the representative of or into the catering object of (paying for the order) during the production`s acquisition.

-          In order to completely fulfil the order, the customer should indicate his / her active phone number and fill up the comment`s field, into which the following information should be entered: a) details related to production`s delivery, like the number of entrance, code, etc.; b) comments regarding the production; information if for how many people is the order designed for and any other types of information, which is necessary for order`s proper implementation;

-          In order to finish the order the customer should check the box, that he / she agrees the usage terms and rules of, after which the ordering process will be finished on the website;

- is not responsible for the production order done under any other form or via any other person`s website / service;

-          The amount paid for the order of is subject to return only in case if is unable to deliver the order and it doesn`t apply to the following: a) in case of fail to deliver the order, while the customer has incorrectly indicated the address or / and other essential data; b) in case of refusal of the order delivered to the customer; c) in case of slightly late delivery, small hindrance or other cases, while the paid amount is not subject to return. The order`s cancellation is possible during of 5 minutes since of its placement.

-          In case of delivery of another production rather than ordered by the representative of, the customer is entitled not to receive the order without paying an additional money amount. is obliged

-          To receive and fulfil the customer`s order in case of ordered production`s availability in the reserves. The fulfilment of the order should be done during of not less, that 40 – 60 (forty – sixty) minutes or 60 – 90 (sixty – ninety) minutes from the order`s placement (the time varies according the delivery address);

-          To protect the customer`s personal data under the rule defined by Georgian legislation;

-          To supply the customer with high-quality product, made by maintaining the sanitary and hygiene standards.


The customer is obliged

-          To supply with precise information (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address);

-          To pay the production price. Receive the ordered production timely and in a good faith.


Payment rule:

The prices of production offered on the website covers the taxes stipulated under the Georgian legislation. The production prices don`t cover the delivery service costs. The production price doesn`t add an additional price for the delivery service in case if the production`s total price exceeds 25₾, while delivering in downtown (central districts of Tbilisi) and 50₾, while delivering in uptown (non-central districts of Tbilisi). is entitled to change the production prices by changing the relevant product`s prices on the website.

The price of production ordered and delivery service costs will be reflected in customer`s basket in order to finish the order and pay the amount.


The production

The production of meets the standards and requirements defined by Georgian legislation and it (the said production) is made by maintaining hygiene norms.

The basic information about the composition / ingredients of`s production is listed on the website in each production`s description. Besides, it is possible, that every single ingredient not to be described in details. The production might contain the ingredients causing allergy, like sesame, walnut, sea product, etc. Thus the customer should thoroughly introduce with production`s description and given ingredients, thus eliminating the risk of such product`s negative influence, which might be caused from customer`s allergic or / and other types of tendencies. In order to acquire the information regarding the product`s unknown ingredients or / and product`s ingredients doubtful for the customer, (or in case of specific or different needs towards the food from the customer), the least should apply to and get any types of information about the mentioned products.


Processing of personal data

-          During the usage of`s service by the customer, the data registered on the website is being processed by in order to fulfil the service (offered on the website) on the basis of customer`s order;

-          The customer`s registration (sign up) and authorization (sign in) on`s website is done on customer`s voluntary beginnings to acquire the services offered on`s website;

-          Under the rule defined by Georgian legislation, the customer is entitled to receive the information about the processing of personal data by, to demand its deletion and implementation of other actions defined by the legislation by sending the letter to sushi24-ge`s official e-mail (


Conclusive provisions

In case of dispute, the parties will try to resolve the dispute via negotiation, otherwise the case under Georgian legislation will be discussed by court.

The aim of is to fulfil the offered service in a good faith and properly. cares on development of the quality of service offered via the website, thus, is interested in customers` opinion about the improvement of service quality.

In case of questions regarding the`s website, service or / and foregoing “service terms and rules”, please, send your questions on the following e-mail of or call us: +995 322 05 05 05